Partnership with Westfriese Bedrijvengroep

We have recently entered into a partnership with the Westfriese Bedrijvengroep (WBG) to jointly anticipate the arrival of data centers on Agriport A7. With nearly 1000 members, the WBG can call itself the largest network in the region!

We are delighted with the arrival of the data centers and we want to help build and maintain the data centers, where possible. To prepare us well, the WBG has created a committee. This committee will enter into discussions with the data center companies to see whether there are local companies that can carry out the requested work. In addition, we also want to facilitate matters such as housing in consultation with councils and the Province of Noord-Holland. Together we hope that things will turn out to be more advantageous for the data center companies.

Big enough to cope and small enough to care!