Projects portfolio

We would like to give you an idea of the projects we have completed. If you have any questions about what we can do for you, please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Replacing kWh meters

We are currently working together with Joulz to replace the kWh meters in Eurofiber’s street cabinets, PoP and ILA locations. The meters will be replaced by smart meters. We use our small trailers with an emergency power generator (NSA) to supply the location with power during the work. A tough job, because there are many locations throughout the Netherlands. But in this lovely weather ☀️ our engineers can work well! 💪

The preparations
Before the kWh meter at a location can be replaced, our engineer first needs to check whether the 230V backup system is functioning. The work will then be started in consultation with Eurofiber’s Network Monitoring Center (NMC):

  • The power to the UPS is disconnected. The equipment in the location will then run briefly on the batteries of the UPS.
  • The emergency power generator (NSA) will be connected and the power supply is also connected to the UPS. All B-feeds are now supplied again with voltage.
  • The site’s mains power is switched off.
  • The engineer of Joulz installs the new smart kWh meter and checks the operation of the meter.
  • After approval, the site’s mains power will be switched back on. The engineers jointly test whether the supply voltage of the grid is stable.
  • The NSA is then disconnected, so the equipment in the location will again run briefly on the batteries of the UPS.
  • The 230V power supply of the UPS is reconnected.

Access control system from Brivo

Also a new access control system for Danieli Corus! The Brivo Access Control System is a Cloud based solution that offers many possibilities. For Danieli Corus, we have set up the system in such a way that the secure cards can be used for both the doors and the printers and that the presence of employees and visitors is monitored.

The works
We started by removing the existing access control system and removing the card readers on the doors. We then installed Cat6 cabling for the new door controllers. After installing the cabling, we installed the new door controllers and card readers. Last but not least, the system was tested for operation.

Are you also interested in an access control system from Brivo? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

New intercom system for Danieli Corus

We recently provided Danieli Corus with a new intercom system from 2N for the new revolving door. After the site survey, the priority was to remove the current system. The cabling was neatly tied up, so that we could reuse it. After the new revolving door was installed, we started the installation works.

The installation works consisted of:

  • Supplying and installing a custom-made column in colour
  • Supplying and installing a new 2N intercom, PoE switch and indoor units
  • Installing the existing card reader on the new column
  • Programming the new intercom

After the installation was completed, we tested the entire new intercom system. Our customer was very pleased with the end result!

Are you also interested in a 2N intercom system? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Installation of C•CURE 9000

Mega proud of the completion of a beautiful and very professional security project for our client Mega Elektra! An access control system from C•CURE 9000 and a CCTV system. From installation to completion. Many thanks to Remco Langius from Mega Elektra for the successful co-operation.

Would you like to know more about security solutions? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Installation of security cameras and license plate cameras

For a customer, we were able to install security cameras and license plate registration cameras at their entrance gate. These cameras will ensure that the flow of employees and visitors is quick and safe.

Before installing cabling, it is important to find the most beautiful route. A beautiful route is one in which there is as little damage as possible to the surroundings and in which the cabling can be concealed as neatly as possible. After laying the cabling, we naturally also make sure that the paving is restored.

After installing the cabling, our engineers started assembling and installing the cameras. After installation, the cameras were fully tested and our engineers completed a great project with a happy customer as the end result.

Would you like to know more about security cameras and/or license plate registration cameras including installation? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

New access control system from 2N

We provided the Columba business center in Schiphol-Rijk with a completely new access control system from 2N. This access control system consists of an Access Commander Box and the latest intercoms and card readers from 2N. With 2N Access Commander you can easily and centrally configure all 2N devices. The entire system works on IP network technology.

After the site survey, new cables were pulled, a patch cabinet was placed and installed inside was an Ubiquiti router and the 2N Access Commander Box. The intercoms and card readers were then mounted and tested.

Performing maintenance on street cabinets

To extend the life of systems, it is very important to carry out preventive maintenance. By performing regular (at least annual) preventive maintenance, the lifespan of the systems is extended and the risk of malfunctions is reduced.

For one of our customers, we carry out maintenance on their street cabinets and PoP locations 4 times a year. During maintenance we check and test the systems. In addition, we check the entire location. We remove the weeds, remove the posters and check the paving around the street cabinet or PoP. After carrying out the maintenance, we draw up a findings report and advise the customer of any points for improvement.

Vault installation in Paris

Recently we had the opportunity to deliver and install a safe at a customer in Paris. We chose a Salvus Bergamo 4 safe which is European certified (EN 1143-1).

Before a safe can be installed, a number of things must be considered:
1. Where will the safe be placed?
2. To what will the safe be anchored?
3. With what material will the safe be anchored?

To place the safe, we looked for an inconspicuous but accessible place. An accessible place is where you can easily access the safe and where you can open and close the safe without hindrance. An inconspicuous place is where you keep your valuables out of sight.

For anchoring the safe, we chose a safe that you can anchor at the bottom and at the back wall with mechanical anchors. Anchoring is necessary because the safe weighs 505 kg and as soon as a safe weighs less than 1000 kg, it becomes mandatory to anchor it according to the European Norm. The outer dimensions of the safe are 1010 x 550 x 520 mm (h x w x d) and has a volume of 129 litres.

An electronic code lock from Paxos Salvus, certified to EN 1300 (Class C) and VdS Class 3, was chosen for the lock. On this lock is a 4-eye principle, which means that the lock only opens when 2 users have entered their code.

Also interested in a safe? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Cat6a cabling

Infratech recently provided a new office of an international bank with CommScope Cat6a cabling.

After a site survey, Infratech determined the distance of the cabling and wrote a plan of approach together with the client. We used patch cabinets that were already present at the location. After the cabling was pulled and connected, a speed test was performed. This way the client knows the actual speed of the network.

During the project, the cooperation between different parties were excellent which resulted in a fast and reliable network.

Cat6a cabling
A Cat6a cable provides super-fast and stable connections to the network. The Cat6a cable is many times more powerful than its little brother Cat6. The bandwidth is 2x as high (500Mhz vs. 250Mhz) so that more data can be processed at the same time. The Cat6a cable is used for 10 Gigabit (10,000Mbps) network applications.

Use quality patch cables on your network
Finally, we recommend using high-quality patch cables. What we frequently see is the reuse of old patch cables (Cat5e and/or even Cat5) which can’t reach the speeds of Cat6 and/or Cat6a cabling. That is why we recommend using high-quality patch cables for modern networks.

Do you have any questions related to infrastructures or cabling? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Virtual mantrap TDflex

Infratech has recently installed TDflex tailgate* sensors at various customer locations. This sensor makes it possible to realise a mantrap configuration on a single door. A mantrap usually requires drastic structural measures with high costs.

*The 3D MLI Sensor™ calculates the exact number of people passing the detection area and triggers an alarm when situations such as trailing through an access controlled door are detected.

Would you like to know if the TDflex is right for your company? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Replacing ATS switch

We were asked to replace the ATS switch (Automatic Transfer Switch) at three separate locations for one of our customers.

The ATS switch plays a critical role in seamlessly transitioning between the primary power source and the backup power supply (emergency power generator) in the event of a main power failure caused by factors such as issues in the energy network. With the replacement of the ATS switch, our customer can, once again, have full trust in the dependability of their emergency power system.

Do you have a question related to emergency power, UPS or 48V systems? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Even with bad weather, we will continue!

Even in bad weather conditions we can work on street cabinets.

We have adapted this street cabinet for our customer. The street cabinet has now 3 separate compartments. Each compartment is closed with an electronic lock and has a separate power supply. In combination with a Bluetooth card reader on the outside door, the correct compartment is automatically released. Due to this change, 3 different telecom providers can place their equipment in one of the secured and completely separate compartments.

Do you also want to have your street cabinet adjusted? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Access control and cameras in and around a data center

After pulling more than 50.000 meters of cabling for access control and cameras, we will start connecting the equipment this week. We are going to connect 24 LenelS2 boards and 40 indoor and outdoor cameras from AXIS in a data center in Amsterdam.

This project requires good preparation and a tight planning. For example, an important part of this project is the passage of the cabling through fire and gas-tight transits. Our years of experience and knowledge also come in handy here!

Professional security system

We have been incredibly busy over the past few weeks to provide customers with a professional security system. For example, this week we started pulling 50 kilometres of cabling for a distribution station. We expect to have the security system ready for operation next month.

A progressive turnkey project in the cocoa industry

We are very proud that we have been commissioned by M3 Ruimtebouwers for Commodity Centre Netherlands B.V. to realise the 2nd phase. The star point of this project is the Building Management System (GBS) of C.Cure 9000. Everything comes together in this software: fire, burglary, access control, fiber optic network, active network equipment, telephony, lighting and the control & monitoring of roller doors, roof hatches and conveyor belts.

Do you want to know if the C.Cure 9000 software is right for your company? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Door fan test with Ansul

In collaboration with our partner, Ansul, we conducted a door fan test to assess the effectiveness of the extinguishing gas installation for our customer. The purpose of this test is to verify the retention of the extinguishing agent within the room for an adequate duration. Prior to the test, it is crucial to ensure that all openings are sealed in a fire-resistant manner. A rapid leakage of the extinguishing agent could potentially hinder the fire extinguishing process. The test was successfully concluded, affirming the proper functionality of the extinguishing gas installation. Our customer can confidently rely on its performance!

2nd fiberglass ring for Stichting WarmThuis

Once again, we were able to install a fiberglass ring for our customer Stichting WarmThuis. This time between the 5 residential buildings at their location in Zuidermeer. Together with a new internet connection via fiberglass, there is a network that can be used for many years in terms of communication and data transport!

Do you have a question related to fiberglass and infrastructures? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Installation fiberglass ring Stichting WarmThuis

Mr. Hans van Amstel from Stichting WarmThuis approached Infratech to install a fiberglass ring between various residential buildings at their location in Oterleek. Due to the recent purchase of a new healthcare system, this was the prime opportunity for Stichting WarmThuis to switch to a new fiber optic network, which provides internet and communication between the different systems within the residential buildings.

After a site survey was completed, Infratech calculated the distances required for the fiberglass cabling and, alongside the customer, designed a plan of action. After consulting with the supplier of the healthcare system, small 19” wall boxes were mounted to contain the fiberglass rings.

Throughout the project, the communication and cooperation between all the various parties resulted in a fast and reliable fiberglass network installation. Mr. Van Amstel was very satisfied with our work that he rewarded us with a 10 on our Customer Satisfaction Survey (source: CSS Stichting WarmThuis).

Storage facility with C.Cure 9000

The storage facilities are almost finished, the offices are being finished, solar panels are being connected, vacant land is being replaced by asphalt and everything is slowly being prepared for use.

We just started to realise a valuable technical accomplishment for our customer. We are integrating the access control system, the camera system, the intrusion and fire detection and general alarms into one whole system: C.Cure 9000 from Software House. We have also taken care of the entire fiberglass infrastructure, from workstation to the end point.

An amazing and large-scale project for bulk storage in which we were able to use all our multidisciplinary knowledge: security, infrastructure, alarms, product development, system integration and communication.

It is fantastic to be able to do what we are good at!

TReNT Glasvezel | The specialist in Dark Fiber

Infratech recently delivered a concrete street cabinet to TReNT Glasvezel at the industrial area Kloosterlanden in Deventer. This allows TReNT Glasvezel to expand its fiber optic network and offer services in this region.

The concrete street cabinet offers the possibility to accommodate several providers. Through open frames, which can be provided with three separate compartments, the providers only get access to the rented compartment. The concrete street cabinet is connected to the i-BOX security and monitoring system. With the i-BOX, the doors of the three compartments can be independently unlocked, either remotely via the software or with an access card.

TReNT Glasvezel has opted for Infratech’s concrete street cabinet, because of the total technical solution whereby Infratech is the contact point for all disciplines.