Cat6a cabling

Infratech recently provided a new office of an international bank with CommScope Cat6a cabling.

After a site survey, Infratech determined the distance of the cabling and wrote a plan of approach together with the client. We used patch cabinets that were already present at the location. After the cabling was pulled and connected, a speed test was performed. This way the client knows the actual speed of the network.

During the project, the cooperation between different parties were excellent which resulted in a fast and reliable network.

Cat6a cabling
A Cat6a cable provides super-fast and stable connections to the network. The Cat6a cable is many times more powerful than its little brother Cat6. The bandwidth is 2x as high (500Mhz vs. 250Mhz) so that more data can be processed at the same time. The Cat6a cable is used for 10 Gigabit (10,000Mbps) network applications.

Use quality patch cables on your network
Finally, we recommend using high-quality patch cables. What we frequently see is the reuse of old patch cables (Cat5e and/or even Cat5) which can’t reach the speeds of Cat6 and/or Cat6a cabling. That is why we recommend using high-quality patch cables for modern networks.

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