Installation fiberglass ring Stichting WarmThuis

Mr. Hans van Amstel from Stichting WarmThuis approached Infratech to install a fiberglass ring between various residential buildings at their location in Oterleek. Due to the recent purchase of a new healthcare system, this was the prime opportunity for Stichting WarmThuis to switch to a new fiber optic network, which provides internet and communication between the different systems within the residential buildings.

After a site survey was completed, Infratech calculated the distances required for the fiberglass cabling and, alongside the customer, designed a plan of action. After consulting with the supplier of the healthcare system, small 19” wall boxes were mounted to contain the fiberglass rings.

Throughout the project, the communication and cooperation between all the various parties resulted in a fast and reliable fiberglass network installation. Mr. Van Amstel was very satisfied with our work that he rewarded us with a 10 on our Customer Satisfaction Survey (source: CSS Stichting WarmThuis).