Vault installation in Paris

Recently we had the opportunity to deliver and install a safe at a customer in Paris. We chose a Salvus Bergamo 4 safe which is European certified (EN 1143-1).

Before a safe can be installed, a number of things must be considered:
1. Where will the safe be placed?
2. To what will the safe be anchored?
3. With what material will the safe be anchored?

To place the safe, we looked for an inconspicuous but accessible place. An accessible place is where you can easily access the safe and where you can open and close the safe without hindrance. An inconspicuous place is where you keep your valuables out of sight.

For anchoring the safe, we chose a safe that you can anchor at the bottom and at the back wall with mechanical anchors. Anchoring is necessary because the safe weighs 505 kg and as soon as a safe weighs less than 1000 kg, it becomes mandatory to anchor it according to the European Norm. The outer dimensions of the safe are 1010 x 550 x 520 mm (h x w x d) and has a volume of 129 litres.

An electronic code lock from Paxos Salvus, certified to EN 1300 (Class C) and VdS Class 3, was chosen for the lock. On this lock is a 4-eye principle, which means that the lock only opens when 2 users have entered their code.

Also interested in a safe? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!