TReNT Glasvezel | The specialist in Dark Fiber

Infratech recently delivered a concrete street cabinet to TReNT Glasvezel at the industrial area Kloosterlanden in Deventer. This allows TReNT Glasvezel to expand its fiber optic network and offer services in this region.

The concrete street cabinet offers the possibility to accommodate several providers. Through open frames, which can be provided with three separate compartments, the providers only get access to the rented compartment. The concrete street cabinet is connected to the i-BOX security and monitoring system. With the i-BOX, the doors of the three compartments can be independently unlocked, either remotely via the software or with an access card.

TReNT Glasvezel has opted for Infratech’s concrete street cabinet, because of the total technical solution whereby Infratech is the contact point for all disciplines.

TReNT Glasvezel has a non-profit background. The company is owned by Stichting TReNT and this background gives TReNT Glasvezel its own character.

TReNT Glasvezel is a flexible and reliable partner. Its solution-oriented employees think along with you, so that business fiber from TReNT Glasvezel offers real added value for your organisation.