Infratech Security is a certified security company and has worked for many years with security systems. With the change in economy, the need for electronic burglar alarm systems within premises is increasing. The Guard Centre (named in the Netherlands PAC) will be notified of an attempted break-in/burglary, which they will despatch the local police and/or a Guard Services company as soon as possible. There is also the availability to have a notification sent to your mobile phone. Infratech Security selects the best burglar alarms with the best detection equipment specially tailored to your situation and delivers a certified installation report to your insurance company, if requested.

Locks and hinges

In addition to a well-functioning electronic burglar alarm system, it is also important that the construction measures meet the security requirements. Locks, hinges and closing equipment is the most important measure. Properly assembled products of the right quality can severely delay an intruder or even refrain from the burglary taking place. Infratech Security employs specialists that will analyse your specific personal situation and provide advice and installation of the correct locks and other physical security measures that are classified at the highest security standards.