Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Management of telecom buildings and properties

Managing your telecom buildings and properties takes a lot of time and is a costly process. It requires to have your own staff monitoring all processes 24/7 as it is your investments, yours and your customers precious equipment that are located in these telecom buildings. Infratech is able to provide 24/7 follow-up and handling of alarm alerts, access to and management of building conditions, so that businesses can focus on with their own day-to-day operations. We have over 10 years of experience in this field so why invest in training staff to manage your equipment when we can help you from start to finish.

Our IP NOC (Network Operations Centre) uses live real-time monitoring through its i-BOX concept, which allows sensors and external modules to be connected. As a result, changes are noted in a timely manner, such as malfunctions that can be prevented before getting worse. The IP NOC acts accordingly by a predefined protocol set-forth with their customer.

Management of Access Control

Access Control Management happens based on the use of a card or tag held up to a card reader, which gives authorised access. We believe that this is not the highest form of security of Access Control systems. Authentication is the most important measure to make sure that access is given to the right person to a premise. Infratech has the solution for this by the use of a SMS server which operates by sending an automated text message of authorization to the person who requires access to a secure premise. Once permission is granted, they are able to gain access to the site with a card, tag or key. This solution also offers the possibility to keep control of the person(s) who is granted timed access to a secure premise but also provide security by checking the duration of their presence. This will give a safe feeling for the person(s) who has access to the premise, as well as for the client.

Management of camera systems (CCTV)

Our IP NOC staff are certified observers who monitor and control business parks, offices and telecom premises behind the scenes. Digital technology by IP connections allows you to track vehicles and detect incidents. Our observers watch video material and will create a timeline with a compilation of images. The images are recorded and at the request of a summons, this provides the ability for police and justice to analyse and use the images for prosecution.